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Together in a Digital Romania

As presented by the EU’s Digital Economy and Society Index, Romania ranks 26th out of 27 EU countries on Human capital and its ranking stagnated in comparison to the previous year. Basic digital skills and basic software skills levels rank 27th among EU Member States. Less than one third of people aged between 16 and 74 have basic digital skills (58% in the EU as a whole).

digital inclusion

digital inclusion / education strategy

Despite this disastrous situation, Romania does not have a digital inclusion / education strategy, nor any taskforce or agency which is in charge with developing such strategies. Currently, only the third sector is active in leading a dialogue regarding the urgent need for improved digital inclusion policies at all levels. In Romania, over the past years, any funding for digital skills has been directed towards developing higher level skills, for example – software development, artificial intelligence or cloud technology. There is virtually no political interest to tackle the overall issue of low levels of digital skills among the general population.

In this context, Fundatia EOS with support from Good Things Foundation runs the project Together in a Digital Romania. The project proposes the following five milestones:


Run a study based on the Digital Nation UK model and get an up-to-date image of what digital inclusion really looks like in Romania.


Develop and strengthen the collective impact of a digital inclusion network of at least 200 local centres that will target at least 3,000 disadvantaged people.


Localise LearnMyWay as a learning resource that will be used by the network of digital inclusion centres to train the beneficiaries.


Organise a national digital inclusion awareness campaign with at least 500 local events. The campaign will target the people with very low levels of digital skills and will be promoted widely on social media and through regional and local news agencies.


Advocate on the need for an inclusive digital society – EOS wants to adapt the #FixTheDigitalDivide concept and apply it at the national level in Romania. Using the strength of our network and exploiting other high-level partnerships, EOS will seek to generate commitments from government and policy makers regarding the development of a nation-wide strategy on digital inclusion.